In Remembrance of my Granny

This amazing woman here was Love personified! I’ll never have love in my life in how she displayed to me now that she has crossed over! It’s a scary thought to know she was the only one I believe rooting for me because I saw in the form of her actions always coming through. The words she put out to the universe with pure intentions and the discipline to manifest those thoughts into reality gives me all I need to get by. I love you Grab, I know you are always with me!🙌🏾 ❤️💯
My Granny was my biggest supporter in my endeavors I’m so blessed to have had the time I got to spent with her. She is painfully missed!

Tap in Tap Tap in!

I suspect new beginnings and new possibilities this spring season. A joy for a new hope in now and tomorrow. One that serves a greater good for the betterment of the Planet and people!

A new energy has fostered in a new thinking and believing for a new joy of results that look promising and in content. If not what a kind and compassionate way of thinking of life and what’s to come. I know that a positive thought serves not only self but for others. Imagine every human being just in the USA thought one positive thought for a minute from 3pm to 3:01pm what a shift in our reality would manifest. The positive thought in so many vibrations and frequencies would most certainly cause an effect.

Im believing in a positive shift even if I’m the only one thinking it. Our thoughts create life or death with our voices transmitting to the universe our thought and sound into creation. Very complex but very true!

Tap In!